Long Time No Post, Eh?

29 Jan

Wow – the week went by in a blur!  Between working and something going on every night with the kids, this week produced no blog posts and very little knitting.

I’m still working on the same pair of socks!
I finished the heel on the second sock this morning so I only have the leg to finish.  ONLY…  The leg is the slowest part for some reason!  But my goal is to wear the socks on Monday so I’ll try to get some knitting in this weekend.  I can only work on one knitting project at a time so I need to finish these socks so I can move on to bigger and better things.

I don’t care for this heel.  I tried a different method for this pair of socks.  It was confusing and just average looking.  I don’t know how it will wear.  Next pair will have an even different heel so I can find the one I like the best.

I am starting one bathroom remodel today. All three of our bathrooms need to be gutted.  The downstairs is just a small toilet/sink area and that’s the one I’m doing.  Dan will pull out those appliances and I should get the wallpaper stripped this weekend.  Next weekend I’ll paint.  I don’t know what color – but it’s good to be thinking about it now so I can kick this goofy project out already!

I heard from my son in Afghanistan. He’s doing fine but I’m reminded once again that it is a war.  Living conditions are poor and they all have some kind of rash – probably from the water that they drink or are bathing in.  He may be moved to a more dangerous situation soon.  I hope not but he has to go where they send him.  It’s not like he has a choice.


One Response to “Long Time No Post, Eh?”

  1. Sonia January 29, 2011 at 5:15 PM #

    Paint your bath a nice medium shade of tan. Real earthy! Love the color of the socks.

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