Day Spa Treatment

19 Jan

Mia wants to add some new services to her massage therapy menu.  The other massage therapist offers some day spa treatments and offered to teach Mia how to do them.  I got to be the client.  🙂  So tonight I received a sugar scrub and mud / steam treatment.  It was great!  They did my legs only so that she could get the feel of what to do.  We will go back this weekend so Mia can do the complete body treatment all the way through as if I were a client.  However, Gianna thinks she should be the next guinea pig since her body is so much smaller and, basically, she just wants one!  LOL

Mia will offer this new service combined with a Swedish massage.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, she will send out offers to husbands and boyfriends for gift packages.  Pretty good business idea!

Being a massage therapist’s mom is such hard work…


One Response to “Day Spa Treatment”

  1. Sonia January 21, 2011 at 8:29 AM #

    Awesome! Do you get to eat sugar while being massaged? 🙂

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