A Relaxing Sunday

16 Jan

It’s a nice, relaxing Sunday today. This morning consisted of doing laundry and practicing the piano.  This afternoon, I have some knitting scheduled and plan to watch the Bears beat the Seahawks in football.

I completed the red socks.

My youngest daughter has called dibs on these.

I’m going to take a break from knitting socks for a while.  I’ve made three pairs so far in January which is record breaking for me!  I’m not sure what project will call my name next.  I committed to a KAL in the Zimmerman group for a ski sweater and I do have the yarn for one Gianna’s size.  That would be a quick and easy project lasting no more than two weeks.  I’d like another sweater for me but I need to rip out the bottom of my orange sweater and make it into ribbing.  That could be tackled next so I can wear that sweater already.

Ice skating is scheduled after the Bears game.  Dan’s making supper; I’m making dessert tonight.  I have off tomorrow for MLK day so that makes today even more relaxing!

Today is also Cory’s birthday. He turned 23 today!  I heard from him at 12:30am.  He should be at his permanent base in a week or so.



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