Chicago For Two Days

31 Dec

The girls and I traveled by train to Chicago.  We had a wonderful time.

First stop:  Navy Pier for their Winter Wonderland.

The Winter Wonderland was packed – and it was a Wednesday!  I felt like we were cattle all moving through the hallways of Navy Pier towards a destination unknown – maybe the slaughter house!  (Shouldn’t have watched that  “Tempest Grandin” movie this week!)

The Largest Tree in Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland consisted of all these trees from different countries surrounding this HUMONGOUS tree in the center.  I can’t tell heights very well but in the foreground of the picture above there is the top of a 4ft tree.  So I’m guessing this center tree was over 50 feet tall.

All the rest of the trees were “normal sized” and decorated in themes.

Gianna and Mia in front of a candy themed tree

My favorite was sponsored by a carpenter’s union and had tools as ornaments – real sized hammers, etc.  I didn’t get a picture though.

Gianna and I in front of the German Kris Kringle

Then they had all these Kris Kringle displays.  They were dressed according to the tradition in the particular country.  We could only find Germany from our heritage so Gianna and I posed in front of that one.

Mia treated us to Bubba Gump Shrimp for supper.  Gianna ordered New Orleans Shrimp and it was too spicy so we switched.  I thought it was FABULOUS.

Gianna's glass of frozen lemonade lit up

After the first night, I didn’t get many pictures taken because the streets were so packed.  The economy isn’t hurting on Michigan Avenue – that’s for sure.

I did like this Santa in the Apple Store window.

He is so lifelike!

We tried to ice skate as per Gianna’s wishes but I swear 10,000 people had the same idea and were in line for the two rinks we went to.  We have no patience for that baloney!

You must visit and take pictures in the Bean when going to Chicago…

Chopped off heads and not centered and with drips on the Bean – this is still the best picture of the two days!  We were laughing so hard at how difficult it is to take a picture of yourselves in the Bean!

That’s all the pictures.  We did lots of shopping; had the fire trucks come to the Gap while we were there; did lots of WALKING; and got a pedicure to ease our sore feet.

The worse part of the trip was Union Station on the way home.  It was so packed and hectic.  We stood in line at the gate for over 1/2 hour.

The train was expensive but I truly enjoyed the process.  I knitted a sock from the toe up – a first for me.  Well, not the whole sock but just the foot after three starts.  I’ll post more on that next time.



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