Finally – A New Post

28 Dec

Christmas passed by in a blur and I’m finally catching my breath long enough to post on my blog!  Although it was a great Christmas and not very hectic at all, I still spent yesterday yawning and lounging on the couch!  Three days of fun had me beat!

Here are the Christmas highlights:

Gianna opening her DSi

DJ was fully dressed at 6am because he slept in his clothes!

Dan's Footie Socks

I knitted Dan these short footie socks in leftover Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.  At first he thought they would be too itchy.  But I washed them and now he won’t take them off!  🙂  He loves the softness and wears them constantly.  I knitted him a second pair out of some new Marr Haven yarn that I got on Christmas Eve.  It’s really thick – a heavy worsted or a bulky weight.  Nope – he likes these light gray ones the best.

Eick Family Christmas 2010

I didn’t take any pictures at my parents or my in-laws this year.  My sister took the above picture and sent it to me.  Back row:  My husband Dan, me, my oldest boy Cory.  Middle row in the red: My dad and mom.  Front row: My brother-in-law Bruce, my sister Sonia, my youngest boy DJ, my oldest daughter Mia, and my youngest daughter Gianna.  Quite the family eh?  🙂  It was like pulling teeth to get this picture taken but it turned out great.  My brother Jay was in Denver and my niece and her family live in California.  Besides that, that’s the whole Eick clan.

Man, we’ve had the snow lately!  Here’s a picture out my back window.

We knocked down the icicles yesterday.  Dan said the gutters must be clogged or something on that side of the house.  The weatherman is calling for 50-degree weather this week!  We are going to have some major flooding with the snow melting and some predicted rain.  Maybe we’ll find all of Hawk’s tennis balls that have disappeared in the snow!  He is busy chewing on one of my slippers now so I better end this post to go salvage it!


One Response to “Finally – A New Post”

  1. Mom December 28, 2010 at 8:42 PM #

    Nice pictures…..What a great family you have.

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