Oh Crud!

21 Dec

Crud, crud and double crud!

I was going through my routine of flossing and saltwater rinse and thinking, “Both my sore teeth feel pretty good” when WHAM!  The bad news fairy struck again!

When I was flossing, I caught the edge of the crown and out it popped.

Now my sister said hers popped out one time and she was able to pop it back on.  I soaked it in alcohol and rinsed my mouth.  But the bugger just wouldn’t go back in!  So I broke down and called the dentist’s office.  He’s out this week, but could I describe what popped out, they asked.  Here’s the crud part – it’s not the crown.  It’s the crown AND my tooth AND the post that was cemented into the rest of the tooth.

So it’s not an easy fix after all…

“Does your mouth hurt?” the dentist’s phone person says.  “Yes,” I say.  “But it’s been hurting for about a week, so it’s really not that different.”  DEAD SILENCE…. then… “It’s been hurting for a week but you’re just now calling us?”

“Yes, Butthead!  I hate going to the dentist and this attitude doesn’t help things!”  No… I didn’t say that.  I said something about how I had an appointment scheduled for the 29th and I was planning on bringing it up then.

So it looks like soup is for supper again tonight…  and tomorrow night…  You’d think I’d lose some weight this way but fattening things come in liquid form too.

By the way, whose old hand is that in the picture anyway?  Lucky thing the rest of my body isn’t that old!


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