A Sweater and A Toothache

21 Dec

“What are two totally unrelated objects, Alex?”  No…

“What are the two things that have been consuming my life lately?”  Ding!  Correct…

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a picture of this sweater before now on my blog.  Maybe because it’s been just two long sleeves forever and there wasn’t much to post.  But I’ve finished the sleeves and have started the body so I’m on the home stretch now!

This is one of my “made up” patterns that I’m knitting from the top down.  I thought seed stitch (or is it moss stitch or are the two the same thing?) would look good down the front and sleeves.  Seemed like a good idea at the time; now I think it might be a little weird looking.  Plus the yarn color is kind of “manly” and the sweater is for me.  But I wear browns a lot so I thought the rust would complement brown nicely.  We’ll see…  I’m at the point where I need to splice on another ball of yarn so I think I’ll finish the neck edge next before continuing with the body.

On to the toothache or aches…

I hate going to the dentist!  It’s turning into a downright phobia.  I had a root canal and temporary crown put on this summer/fall.  It was painful and I dreaded going to each visit. The final crown was cast and I had to cancel the appointment to put it on because I was sick.  And I never rescheduled…  And about a month and a half went by…  The dental office finally guilted me into coming in to get it finished and I made an appointment after Christmas (December 29th).  Well, wouldn’t you know it?  My tooth started hurting right after I made that appointment!  Then I pulled another crown off while chewing gum.  That one was on the other side of my mouth so it’s been downright impossible to chew on either side.  Crapola!

I’ve been using home remedies to ease the pain – rinsing with salt water and such.  It’s helped a little.  The Motrin has helped also.  Now I think that the old crown might not be what’s hurting on the left side, but an abscess in the tooth below it.  My ear even hurts.  Double crapola!

The dentist is off this week and I hate to make him come in on his vacation so I’m just going to wait it out til the 29th if possible.  It’s just a week, right?


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