My Son

20 Dec

This rant could be about either one… they are both so spacey!  But Son #1 has just taken the lead for the most expensive child.

He drove a UHaul home with all his belongings this weekend.  He had no plan for how to get back to KY.  “You can drive me Mom,” he says.  Well that would be a 12 hour round trip for me… with a snow storm in the forecast.  If I couldn’t make it 12 hours, that would mean a hotel room stay.  Cha Ching…  I don’t think so.  We booked him a flight instead.  All he had to do was find a way to the airport (almost a 2 hour drive with traffic) and a way home once he reached Louisville, KY (1/2 hour drive).  It was $132 but well worth the money considering the time and money that would have been spent driving him back.

His flight left last night at 8pm.  “How are you getting to OHare?” I asked repeatedly from lunchtime on.  “I don’t know,” was his answer. I said I would take him but we were leaving at 4pm.  “That’s too early!” he complained.  “Too bad,” I said.  “That’s the time this bus leaves.”

Needless to say, he found a more convenient driver.

At 11pm CDT, he called me.  He was in the Louisville airport.  His flight was delayed for an hour and there’s a time change so it was actually midnight his time.

“Mom, do you know where my keys are?”


I tore apart his room… no keys.  He can’t get into his apartment to get uniforms; he can’t drive to work tomorrow morning.  Or this morning since work begins in 5 short hours.

I tore his room apart a second time.  FOUND THEM!  In a backpack side pocket.  The backpack was empty and except for these keys.  Hmmm… now what?

Well his big plan was to get a ladder and break into his apartment window.  Not a great plan, in my humble opinion, because:

  1. He lives in a military community where they all have guns in the apartments; and
  2. It was 2am by this time.
  3. If he doesn’t get shot, for sure someone will call the police about a person breaking into an apartment at 2am!

The boy has oatmeal for brains at times.

No…. not a good idea.  I told him to call the landlord or maintenance man or a locksmith.  No answer on any of those.  It was 3am.  Work started in two hours so he opted to sleep on the floor of his friend’s apartment.   He borrowed PT (physical training) clothes (basically Army logo sweats) from his friend then got into his apartment via the realtor/landlady at 7am.

I went to Fed Ex first thing this morning and shipped his keys to him overnight – $26 !!

Ugh….. What drama will today bring?


One Response to “My Son”

  1. Holly December 21, 2010 at 5:52 AM #

    I’m sorry but I just had to laugh at your expense because my son does stuff like that too! Just yesterday he packed up his car and drove the hour back to college so he can get his final term paper done, which is due Tuesday of course. My daughters and I were baking cookies together and I get a call from my son. He left his backpack with his laptop at at our house. So I had to go meet him halfway. Hopefully it gets better when they are older.LOL

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