Using Up Leftover Yarn

19 Dec

I have lots of 1/2 skein or more of yarn laying around so I started making some quickie projects with them.

I made three headbands for the Mia, Gianna, and G’s friend, Morgan.  No pictures though.  They are only one hour projects and use very little yarn.

I made what seems like a gazillion of these “Boyfriend” hats.

They are so quick and easy!  The pattern can be found here. I used size 7 needles and have to rib for 6″ before the decrease in order for the hats to fit my family’s heads.

My DH has been requesting some new “footies” – short heavy socks that he wears in the winter instead of slippers.  So I’m using the last of the gray yarn to knit a pair of those.

Merry Christmas Sweetie!  🙂  The foot is the most boring part.  WOW, these look huge in the picture but the first one fits him to a tee.

Mia wants a slouch hat next and I have the perfect pattern picked out.  I want an off-white head band too.  Those are the next two on the list I guess.  I like these quick one or two hour projects.  Plus they are “free” since I am using my leftover yarn, right?  Works for me…

Today we are baking.  We already started this morning with mock turtles and chocolate covered pretzels.  Sugar cookies are next on the list.  We’re going to make some care packages for friends and neighbors.


2 Responses to “Using Up Leftover Yarn”

  1. Sonia December 19, 2010 at 10:13 AM #

    What about your dear sister’s winter hat with the ear flaps? Any color or mix of colors will do!

  2. wendy April 11, 2011 at 7:04 PM #

    Hi there. I adore your hubbies ‘footsie’. do you have a pattern for them? Im looking to knit some for my toddler.

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