15 Dec

Very little grading was done yesterday.  I graded only one class’s programming assignment.  So this afternoon will have to be a grading marathon!

The reason that very little grading was done is because I decided to stay home to do it.  I didn’t have any classes and thought I’d get more accomplished that way.  NO WAY!  Too many distractions – mainly Mia who wanted to go shopping and to lunch.

Now keep in mind that I hate shopping… despise it in fact.  She made me keep going and going and going!  My feet were so sore!  Then when we came home, we decided to make more truffles and other chocolate covered stuff for gift boxes.  The only problem we encountered was that I told her that I warm the chocolate in the microwave and when she re-warmed it, she left the FORK in the bowl.  The microwave smoked; I grabbed it and put it in the sink.  The bowl shattered and we had glass everywhere – even down the garbage disposal!

Lucky thing my DH can fix anything cuz that garbage disposal wasn’t budging.

You’ve got to love my 9yo who labels everything with sticky notes.  This care package is for her teacher.

As if that’s going to deter any of us from eating these yummies!

Mr. Wallace may or may not get this full box by Friday!

Small kid shopping is finished though.

Big kid shopping will be finished today when I go back to get their presents after work (they both want the same thing – how convenient).

We’re expecting more snow and, oh, baby – it’s cold outside!

I’m knitting until 7am (45 minutes) then it’s off to work and grading today!


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