One More Recital

12 Dec

Yesterday was DJ’s guitar recital.  He played a number by himself called “Liberty” and a duet with his sister – “The First Noel” (she played the piano – he played the guitar).  It went very well!

"Hmmm... maybe I should look over this music one more time before I play..."

"Good idea..."

My kids are always so somber and serious before a recital.  My nerves were shot – but they claim they don’t get that nervous when playing in front of others.

By the way… nice sweater Gianna.  Did your mother make that for you?

DJ Playing Liberty

Gianna Accompanying DJ in "The First Noel"

Again… nice sweater.  But it looks like your mom made those sleeves long enough for an orangutan.  Maybe it will fit better NEXT YEAR! LOL

Today, we’ll put up our tree.  We don’t have any Christmas decorations put up so I better get into the Christmas spirit real quick!


One Response to “One More Recital”

  1. bsburgess December 12, 2010 at 1:40 PM #

    Very talented kids, those Elias’ are! Yes, that’s a very nice sweater Gianna has on from her talented mother 🙂

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