Sick Day

8 Dec

I had to take a sick day today.  My son has the stomach flu!  Not good…. but I’ll save you from the gory details….

I was available online for all my students.  I had my email open and quite a few asked questions or mailed me their programs with desperate “I’m lost – HELP” messages.  The Internet is so wonderful!  I hate to sound like an old timer but I would have loved the Internet when I was an undergraduate!

I got another test done and one assignment graded.  I got the house cleaned (kind of) and the laundry done (another kind of).  Really… those two things are never done-done… it’s a perpetual cycle.

I’m starting to get the last minute pleas of “Hey… I just looked at my grade and I’m getting a D or F.  Can I hand in one of the 5-10 assignments that I didn’t hand in during the semester or can you give me extra credit on the last two days of school?”  Really?  Has this worked in the past?  I have only had two of those encounters so far.

I knitted another hat today – another red basketweave hat (see the previous post).  I really like the looks of that pattern.  I’m done with hats for a while.  I have a half knitted pair of socks that could be finished next.  PLUS my DH is begging for booties, so I might start that project.  In addition, a package from Knit Picks arrived today with enough yarn for two sweaters.  So I could start a long term sweater project.

Decisions, decisions…. all based on ME not getting this flu of course!


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