Nervous Energy

7 Dec

I have all this nervous energy… I feel helpless that I can’t help Cory with his deployment or pre-deployment stuff.  I keep trying to concentrate to grade and keep spinning my wheels there.  I’m slowly getting the end-of-semester grading done.  But it’s taking forever!  Today I concentrated on making up my finals.  I got two done and posted to the website.  I got another partially done but couldn’t post it!  I have no idea why!  Don’t even mention Christmas.  We have a total of two presents purchased – and no decorations up!

I stayed up last night and knitted a hat.  Hats are so mindless and easy and quick to knit.  I have no business knitting when so much has to be done, but that’s what I do when I can’t concentrate and am spent!  I use scrap yarn and just knit away.

Gianna says she’s going to have a new hat every day this winter!  At this rate, she could be right!  But seriously, it makes me feel better when I’m doing something rather than just fretting over stuff I can’t control.

Tonight I’m going to concentrate on laundry!  I also have to make sure my son has a nice pair of pants to wear to tomorrow night’s band and chorus concert.  And I’m going to try to figure out why I can’t post that exam!  If worse comes to worse, I’ll have to recreate it…. Ughhh…. spinning my wheels…. going nowhere….



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