So Much Happening!

5 Dec

Typical December!  There’s so much going on that the days are flying by and no blog posts are made!

Gianna’s sweater needed a second blocking.  The sleeves were a little short so I stretched them when blocking.  I stretched them so much that they were at least 2″ too long once it dried!  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.  😉  I reblocked using an existing sweater as my guide.  It’s still drying so it was a good thing we had “Plan B” ready for the piano recital today.

Gianna Playing At Her Recital

She won the Music Award for the third time in a row.  The Music Award goes to the student who practices the most and has the best  attitude.  She played her two pieces beautifully.  The second song could have had a second verse in a higher octave, but she decided not to play it.  The church where the recital was held has a new piano and the bench is too high plus one of the keys sticks or plays weird.  She just wasn’t comfortable with it and decided she was done!  LOL

We brought the cookies for the after-recital-party.  We made Kringlas and cut-out cookies.  My 21yo daughter made these bon-bons that were such a hit that everyone was asking for the recipe.  They are easy and delicious.

I used up some of my leftover yarn and knitted up a couple of stocking hats.  These aren’t the best pictures but they’re all I’ve got.

The above hat is called “The Boyfriend Hat” and is a freebie from  It’s on inside out but that’s the beauty of it – it looks good both ways!  It’s just a beanie and took less than a day to knit up.

The above hat was $1.99 download called “Berruti” from  The picture would have been better if I didn’t have the flash on but our living room is so dark.



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