A Quick Post

3 Dec

Gianna’s sweater is finished!  It’s blocking now and I’ll get pictures up this afternoon.  It isn’t dry yet so the pictures will be of it blocking.  It’s taking forever to dry.  She and I both love it!

Cory is being re-deployed to Afghanistan next month.  He was not supposed to go.  He was moved 4 months ago to rear detachment.  But they are short guys – they can’t deploy without 90% of the troops.  So many soldiers have been kicked out or have medical conditions that prevent them from deploying that they are bringing in my son.  I’m very upset.  He didn’t get leave; he doesn’t have his “gear”; he isn’t prepared.  He has less than a month to get out of his apartment; get everything ready; get his medical shots; and then he’ll deploy January 4th.  He is almost done with his 4 years so he won’t deploy for an entire year like the rest of the troops.  He will only go for 5 months.  We are hoping that he can negotiate that down to 4 months so he can be home and get his deprogramming done by the time school starts in August.  He’s been accepted into a university and I hope that’s the next leg of his life journey.

We’re in the final stretches of school!  We have one more week – then final exams.  I have more grading to do than I think is possible. Arghhhh!!!

Isn’t Christmas coming too?  I might want to get shopping some time soon!


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