Monday Miscellany

29 Nov
  1. I wore my fair isle cardigan today to school.  I wanted to stop everyone and say, “I knitted this sweater!”  But I restrained… and didn’t tell a soul.
  2. My 12yo son played in a basketball game tonight and wore an old pair of his brother’s Air Jordan basketball shoes.  We found them in mint condition in our basement.  Cory had sooooo many shoes!  The players at tonight’s game loved DJ’s shoes.  I thought they were being sarcastic, but DJ said they thought the shoes were Jordan replicas.  I said, “They’re the real things!  They are just 13 years old!”  What a riot!  Cory would be so pleased – he’s all about the shoes.
  3. Back to the sweater – a wool sweater is too hot to wear in a school gym for a basketball game.
  4. My 21yo daughter was in a car accident yesterday.  The other driver was at fault – AND had no license; no insurance.  Mia has to pay a $500 deductible plus her car may be totalled because the car isn’t worth  very much.  So in addition to the Christmas bills, she has this headache!
  5. I made Turkey Pot Pie with our leftovers from Thanksgiving.  It was awesome!  I had it in my mind that we needed TWO pies – we didn’t.  I froze one.
  6. I’m going to watch “Restrepo” tonight.  I don’t plan on sleeping.  Cory said, “Just remember:  I’m alive now.”  He watched it once – it was upsetting and brought back too much that he wants to suppress.  Maybe I shouldn’t watch it after all…



One Response to “Monday Miscellany”

  1. bsburgess November 30, 2010 at 12:05 AM #

    Hey, nice sweater. Did you knit that yourself? Bummer about Mia’s accident.

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