Kickin’ Butt

27 Nov

I’m really kickin’ butt on Gianna’s Christmas sweater.  It’s been a challenge but I love it!  Here’s the story…

Gianna wants a red sweater to wear to her piano recital, school Christmas concert, and Christmas Eve.  She designed what she wanted on paper, then I went through my magazines and books to see if I could find something similar.  She really liked this one:

Except that:

  • It’s a womens sweater – not a childs
  • She doesn’t like the seams at the sleeves – no holes please
  • The V-neck is too deep.
  • It needs to be long sleeved
  • And the jury is still out on the tie in the middle.

But besides that… it’s just perfect.  Hmmm….  Being that I can’t follow a pattern anyway, I got out my Barbara Walker book “Knitting from the Top”.  I studied how to come up with my own pattern that would fit her perfectly.  I knitted a partial prototype to see if I understood the math and guess what?  It fit.

So we went on Wednesday to Hobby Lobby (my only local knitting store) and purchased the yarn.  It’s called “Bamboo Ewe” and it’s a wool/bamboo mix.  It’s very soft and not itchy at all.  If it washes up well, it may be my new favorite yarn.  The color is Geranium.  They had a darker red that we liked more, but not enough skeins.  And since the piano recital is NEXT SUNDAY and I’m on a time crunch, we went with Geranium.

Here is my progress so far.

I love how it’s turning out.  It fits her to a tee.  I love how she can try it on as I go to see if it fits.  The cloverleaf lace at the bottom requires a bit of concentration on two rows, but I go slowly and have only had to rip out occasionally.   We watched Angels and Demons last night and I decided that I couldn’t concentrate well enough on the lace so I started a sleeve.  It looks wide and I may have to rip that out.  Gianna was at a sleepover and couldn’t try it on.  I’m decreasing as I knit the sleeve but maybe not at a quick enough rate.

DJ has TWO basketball games next week so that will cut into my knitting time.  I hope to have it mostly done by the end of the weekend.  It needs to be washed and blocked before I put in the neck and front edging.  I can do it… piece of cake.  😉


2 Responses to “Kickin’ Butt”

  1. bsburgess November 27, 2010 at 11:13 AM #

    I love it! You’re so talented. Is the quilt top off the long arm? 🙂

  2. Mom November 27, 2010 at 10:59 PM #

    Love the color…You do such good work. I’d hire you any day.

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