26 Nov

Thanksgiving is in the past for another year!  All the hecticness (is that a word?) that surrounds the holiday – from the grocery shopping to the cleaning to the cooking – has passed and we can settle down for some peace and quiet this weekend.

Today’s agenda includes:

(1) Putting the Thanksgiving decorations away.

(2) Baking cookies for the future parties coming up.  Gianna and I are going to spend the next few days baking cookies and freezing them.  We have two recitals and Christmas itself that are going to sneak up on us and I’ll have the baking all done for them!  That’s the plan.  Baking… not eating…

(3) Work on Gianna’s Christmas sweater.  Pictures to follow soon…

(4)  Quilt a little.

(5) Grade.  I only have two weeks left of school once we return from the holiday weekend.  I need to be all caught up on my grading for the crazy period to begin!


Cleaning and laundry should be on the list but that’s on every day’s list so why bother?


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