19 Nov

I am almost finished with my cardigan.  I’m on the last round of fair isle then I’ll have the short rows to build up the back and then…. da da da dun… steeking.  It’s always scary when you have to cut apart the knitted garment and HOPE it doesn’t ravel apart!  It worked in my sample so it’s going to work for the real project, right?

I’ll post pictures tomorrow on the fair isle patterns.  I’m not sure I love the ones I chose.  I just think they are so-so.  It will look okay on though, probably…

Gianna and I talked about her next sweater. Her requests are:

(1)  G:  Not as bulky a the last sweater.  Me:  I’ll use DK weight yarn.

(2)  G:  A few buttons on top and longer – past her butt.  Me:  Look for swing coat patterns.

(3)  G:  Can I make it red on the outside and green on the inside?  Me: NO!

(4)  G:  Will it be ready in time for my piano recital?  Me:  Probably not… since I just found out the recital is Dec 5th.  I don’t have a pattern or the yarn (which will probably have to be ordered) and I’m not done with my current sweater.  I can’t have two projects going at once.  I can barely have the concentration for ONE pattern going at a time!

No sewing has been happening since I came home from the retreat.  I am planning on scheduling some quilting time this weekend.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my Dear Husband!  He’s 46 today!  🙂  He must hate that our birthdays are so close together because he always gets the short end of the stick.  I make a huge deal about my birthday with the kids – I parade around hinting at presents… saying that I’m not going to cook on my birthday… stuff like that.  When his birthday comes just 3 days later, they are sick of all the birthday talk!  Kind of been-there-done-that – just a few days ago!  Poor guy.  He needs to take a page from my book and force everyone to make a big deal about his birthday!  Love you Dan!


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