Another Sweater For Gianna

18 Nov

Gianna has requested another sweater.  I will happily oblige because (a) she wears the sweater I just finished WEEKLY and (b) it’s quick to knit a sweater for the girl because she is so small and it only takes a week and (c) I like to knit!  🙂  Of course… it’s (c) that’s the kicker!

So she says, “How about a red cardigan for the Christmas concert at school and the piano recital?”  Sounds good…  But she has something specific in mind.  A swing coat with only about three buttons on the top.  Kind of like one that we purchased early fall but in long sleeves.  Hmmm…

So I went out on Ravelry today to find something similar.  No luck.  21 pages of patterns and nothing like I think she’s envisioning.  Can I come up with something on my own without a pattern?  Maybe…  I think I’ll try a top down knit cardigan for this project.  I’ll need to find something that’s similar though so I can look at some instructions on how to do the neckline and button placket.  I think solid red with some cables or lace at the bottom.  Ugh, that means stocking stitch where I have to purl long rows of “wrong” side. But she’s not very big, so they won’t be very long rows… Hmm…

I also think we need a backup sweater in case this one doesn’t pan out… I don’t need the extra stress during these next few weeks!


One Response to “Another Sweater For Gianna”

  1. Sonia November 18, 2010 at 6:26 PM #

    What, no sewing?

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