Don’t You Hate It When…

17 Nov

… you are knitting colorwork/fair isle and the pattern doesn’t come out right on the row?  You’re supposed to have 3 stitches of pink to knit and only two are there?  Where is the mistake?  At the beginning of the row of course!  Sigh… I pondered how to fudge it.  Could I make a stitch here at the end and the knit two together where the mistake was?  Would that work?  But alas, I had to unknit the row – all 270 stitches (well it was actually 250 or so since I started the row correctly).  Then re-knit…  Progress was good after that because I can see the pattern forming and can tell where I’m off.

I will have PLENTY of yarn left I tell you!  Not going to run out on this project… That’s my good vibes / good attitude.  If I say it, it will be so.  🙂

Off to eat my soup for lunch on this dreary November day… then grade… then knit some more.


One Response to “Don’t You Hate It When…”

  1. Sonia November 17, 2010 at 6:29 PM #

    Froggin’ on knitted projects? I guess you can’t escape the frog!

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