Progress On Sweater

11 Nov

Body and One Sleeve Completed

I’m a little short of 1/2 way there!  I should be able to get the other sleeve completed today.  My fair isle might be a little tight – I’ll need to make it extra loose on the top.  I’m going to break down and buy more yarn.  I’ll be okay with the blue yarn if I add three rows of fair isle at the top.  To do that, I’ll need more gray heather for sure.  I might as well get 4 skeins so the dye lots match where it’s noticeable.  I have plenty of the darkest maroon.  I think, depending on what patterns I pick for the top, I may need more of the other maroons too.  It can’t hurt… I’ll just use the leftovers on a hat.

I already ordered stuff from Knit Picks that I didn’t need!  Here’s this week’s shipment.

The red and aqua yarns are for socks.  So are the size zero needles.  Those are SKINNY!  The aqua yarn is a cotton/wool mix.  It’s very soft.  The red yarn is a hand dye.  When will I ever wear aqua or red socks?  Don’t know… but I’m tired of the boring colors and thought I’d splurge on some fun colors instead.  🙂  I can always wear them with jeans and/or around the house.  And I know I’ll have to arm wrestle my daughter for them -she loves my hand knit socks!

I’m not sure if the hat and mittens kit was a good buy or not.

I’ve never purchased a kit before.  I like the pattern and the yarn, but what’s that “roving”?  It’s unspun yarn I guess.  I’ve never used that – don’t have a clue as to what to do with it even.  Hmm….  Plus I don’t have a brown coat.  Gianna has a brown coat, but not a winter coat.  Hers is more of a fall coat.  But I do like the pattern and colors.

Finally, Happy Veteran’s Day to all the veterans who have previously or are currently serving our country.  A special Happy Veteran’s Day to my son, Sgt. Cory Uranich, of the US Army stationed at Fort Knox, KY.  I love you!  Thank you for my freedom!


One Response to “Progress On Sweater”

  1. atomiclulu November 11, 2010 at 9:43 AM #

    Hat and mitts are lined so as you knit you incorporate the roving as the liner 🙂

    Try it! Its wonderful knit up. I made it for a gent friend. ❤ LuLu

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