Another Sweater Is Finished

1 Nov

Gianna is modeling her Fibonacci sweater that I just finished

Yay!  Finishing is so good!  Especially when the recipient likes it!  🙂

Critique  POSITIVES:

  1. I like the colors and the stripes.
  2. I like the style.  It’s very fitted.
  3. I made the neck larger than the last sweater and bound off with needles 3X the size.  I also didn’t change to #4 needles to do the neck – I stayed with the #6’s.
  4. She likes it.
  5. It was quick and easy.


  1. The sleeves are TOO fitted.  She didn’t like the fullness of the sleeves on the last sweater but this time I went too narrow.  I will add 4 stitches to the next sleeves and increase in the same fashion.
  2. The sleeves are a bit short. I shortened the yoke and that pulled up the sleeves.  I’ll add an inch or so next time.
  3. She didn’t want ribbing on the bottom but the bottom needs something else.  It bows out slightly.  Next time I think I’ll change that somehow.

Overall it was a successful project.  I’m not going to start any more major projects for the next two weeks.  I have too much else going on to pour myself into a project right now.  My DH said this morning, “Why can’t you just knit these at a leisurely pace?”  Two reasons:  1)  I’ll lose interest and they will never get finished; and 2) I’m an obsessive/addicted person.  Silly man…asking such a question!

But… that being said, I do have a sock UFO I can work on leisurely.  I don’t really care when it gets done.  So I do have something to keep me occupied for a bit.


No “after” pictures yet.  But after working on it all day and giving it plenty of Liquid Wrench and elbow grease, Dan was able to get all the parts moving!  Yay!  They were rusted/locked up solid.  He was afraid he was going to break it.  I figured it’s no good to me if nothing moves, right?  So we got out the HAMMER and used the screwdriver as a chisel and started forcing parts to move.  And walla!  All is good – nothing is broken!  We put it away for the week.  The inside of that puppy looks great!  It gleams.  Gotta love that liquid wrench product!

It needs a new belt and a new tension unit I think.  I also think it may need a whole new bobbin assembly -but maybe not.  The first two are a must though.  I will work on it again next weekend and we’ll see what happens.


One Response to “Another Sweater Is Finished”

  1. bsburgess November 1, 2010 at 8:39 AM #

    I really like the sweater. I always like to buy cotton sweaters that are a little big so that they’re washable with no guilt on the drying part. How can 1 sock be completed leisurely? Only wearing one sock today, Gina?

    I’m glad the machine finally broke free and I’m anxious to see the pictures. It will be exciting if the machine looks brand new. I can see it in person on Tuesday, if you’re home.

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