My First Cardigan Is Completed

28 Oct

The pattern is knitted from the top down without seams.  This is the first one that I’ve done like that.  When I was knitting it, my gauge was dead on… I was so proud!  But when washed and blocked IT GREW A LOT!  I washed it again last night and dried it.  The yarn is Knit Picks Swish DK which is “superwash wool” – machine wash and dry on low.  I dried it on medium checking it every 5 minutes.  Then I set the temp to COTTON and dried it another 5 minutes.  It did help considerably.  It’s still about 2″ wider than before I washed it though.  I’m going to wash it in warm next and dry on medium and see what that does.  It’s wearable but big right now.  I guess that’s better than snug though, huh?

The sweater took 3 weeks from start to finish.  I will do another cardigan from the top down – but not in stocking stitch!  It was too boring – all that purling on the wrong side was enough to drive me to drink!  I’ve got a more difficult pattern to try next…. after Gianna’s striped sweater is done though.  🙂

BTW, I’ve purchased new buttons for this sweater.  Those buttons are just not right for this cardigan… I only purchased 9 and of course I need 10 so I have to go back to the store and hope they have another card of the exact buttons.


One Response to “My First Cardigan Is Completed”

  1. Sonia October 28, 2010 at 8:58 AM #

    Looks great!

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