I’m So Proud…

21 Oct

…of my oldest daughter!  She has matured so much over the past four years!  She moved in with her dad at 16.  I fought the move tooth and nail but we were just at each others’ throats daily.  I see now that it wasn’t a healthy environment for either of us – or for the rest of the family either!  She survived high school – barely squeaking out with a degree.  There was NO WAY she was going to college!  She waitressed for a year but missed the social parts of going to school.  Most of her other friends were going to college.  So she started back at the community college where I work, taking yoga, pre-college math and English, etc.  She got free tuition since I teach there, but I paid for the lab and other fees.  She had to pay for books.  About 1.5 years ago, she decided that she “might” like massage therapy.  She took an intro course and thought it was okay.

Well, this summer she graduated from the massage therapy program and passed her license test.  She got an award at graduation for NEVER MISSING A CLASS!  This was a different Mia than the girl that squeaked out of high school!  She only received a B in the science class – anatomy and physiology. All her other grades were As.

She just accepted a position at an established massage therapy and day spa.  She has to build her own business/clientele.  She has put 100% of her efforts into this.  I never knew she had such drive!  She designs her own postcards and business cards using MS Office like a pro.  I told her she should go into graphic art next because she has such a good eye for what looks good.

Our relationship is getting better and better each day.  She willingly spends a lot of time at our house.  I can rely on her to help with the younger kids when I need someone.  She is becoming so responsible and “grown up”.  Although I still think she’s a “little wild”, that may work its way out as she continues to age.

She is really turning her life around.  I can’t take much credit for that.  It’s all her doing.  She’s making good choices and I try to be there for her if she needs me.  It’s so good to see her succeed!


3 Responses to “I’m So Proud…”

  1. Sonia October 21, 2010 at 9:57 AM #

    Yahoo for Mia!

  2. DAD October 21, 2010 at 5:38 PM #

    I am so proud of her!!!!! She’s a great girl, on her way up. She is not afraid to work 2 jobs, to get what she wants. I’m on your side Mia. SO, SO PROUD.

  3. Gari October 21, 2010 at 8:53 PM #

    When my daughter was in high school our relationship went so far south I thought we would never get it back. But as she reached her 20s she suddenly realized that my admonisions had been because I loved her and wanted the best for her. She and I now, and for the last 20 years, have a wonderful relationship and she tells everyone that I am her best friend. Growing up is wonderful and I am ever so greatful.

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