Fall Is Here

17 Oct

Our fall weather so far has been just gorgeous!  It’s fairly dry so there’s not as much dank, damp, darkness as usual.  The colors on the trees are beautiful.  Most of our leaves have fallen already.  We spent the day yesterday blowing and raking and burning.  Our yard looks great.  Next weekend we’ll do it again and we’ll be ready to put the lawnmower away for the winter.  Maybe…  The pool is closed.  Dan drained the hot tub yesterday.  I need to pull up the garden plants.  Because we’re having so much sunshine, I don’t find myself depressed as much about winter coming.  November is usually “to the bone cold rain” and I don’t care for that weather at all!  But for now, I’ll take the sunshine and cooler temperatures.  🙂

I’m almost finished with my sweater.  I have 1/2 of one arm left.

I hesitate to post a picture because it will look much better once it’s blocked.  It looks very wide and short in this picture but it really is a good length when worn.  I was worried about running out of yarn!  It looks like I’ll have plenty if I want to go back and unknit the bottom and add to the length.  I’ll have to see once it’s blocked and worn the first time.  I’m not too fond of the buttons.  They were cheap at Hobby Lobby.  I can always swap those out too.

It would be nice if I could finish that arm today.  🙂  The funny thing is… I’m not in a hurry to wear the sweater.  But I am in a hurry to START THE NEXT PROJECT!  🙂  Isn’t that weird?

Speaking of the next sweater project…

This sweater is for Gianna.  I  like the colors!  Because she is 9 and will wear it to death and then outgrow it, I usually make her sweaters out of acrylic yarn.  So this is Hobby Lobby “I love this yarn” brand.  The whole sweater should cost under $15 to knit.  I was going to do a different stitch other than plain old stockinette, but the stripes didn’t look good in rib or other ones I tried to swatch.  I’m going to use a Fibonacci pattern of rows for this sweater.  So I’ll pick four numbers (such as 3, 5, 8, 13) and rotate the same three colors across that sequence.

Before I can start Gianna’s sweater, I have to finish the sleeve on my sweater PLUS I have to make a “Where’s Waldo” stocking cap for Mia’s Halloween costume.  It’s red brimmed and a white body and a big red pom at the top.  That’ll be a three day project at most.


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