40% Completed

9 Oct

I just finished skein #5 out of 12.  That’s over 40% completed! Yippee!  It’s going well.  My purling is coming along faster but it’s still slower to purl than to knit for me.  I’m going to do the next hat using continental method. I have to practice purling with that method too.  I think it’s less stressful on your limbs because it’s less movement.  So I’m well on my way to have this sweater finished within my three week timeline.  Good thing because I keep looking on ravelry.com for more projects!  🙂  Lucky thing I don’t believe in knitting UFOs like I have quilting UFOs because otherwise I’d just go ahead and start that next project!

We had a little emergency room trip last night.  DJ had an asthma attack and his inhaler is in his gym locker at school.  He’s had only a half dozen attacks in his whole life that required an inhaler.  Bummer… We tried giving him his allergy medicine and practiced breathing techniques that I learned when he first got asthma.  But they didn’t seem to be working.  I took him in and they said his oxygen level was okay but after listening to his chest decided that he needed a breathing treatment because the air wasn’t circulating in his lungs.  So I’m glad we went in.  Needless to say, we got a second inhaler prescription before leaving!


One Response to “40% Completed”

  1. bsburgess October 10, 2010 at 8:57 AM #

    Glad you are progressing on the sweater. Also glad that DJ is doing OK.

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