Where is the time going?

6 Oct

Topic One:  My sister just posted a blog entry about falling off the face of the earth and I have to join in that fall!  Time is zipping by so quickly.  We are at midterm already and I can’t even say I’m in a routine yet!  It’s been another rough week so far full of cantankerous colleagues and whiners.  Actually… that’s not true.  There is only one of each.  But sometimes that one colleague and student can ruin your week.  Know what I mean?

Topic Two:  RSI.  Repetitive Stress Injury…. from knitting too much.  Bummer… It’s my SHOULDER and not so much my elbow and wrist.  I’m down to knitting just two rows a day.  Granted my rows are up to about 400 stitches so it’s about a half hour of stitching.  I don’t know why I think it’s a race to get done.  BUT… I am 25% done already and I’m only 8 rows away from dropping off the sleeves and just knitting the body.

Topic Three:  No more non-circular knitting.  I must learn to steek.  This purling is for the birds.


One Response to “Where is the time going?”

  1. bsburgess October 7, 2010 at 8:10 AM #

    Hopefully Mia can fit you in her schedule for a nice shoulder massage every day to ease the pain!

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