Coat Finished

29 Sep

Gianna's Coat Is Finished!

Yeah!  She wore it to school today.


1)  I think it needs to be 1″-2″ longer in the body.

2)  The pocket lining isn’t sewn down – I’d sew it down.  It bugs me.

3)  The undercollar needs to be trimmed 1/4″ so the seam and collar “tuck under” better.  I know to do that usually, but this pattern had two separate pieces – a collar and an undercollar.  So I assumed that the pattern companies had finally figured out that the undercollar needs to be slightly smaller.  Nope…

That’s all I’d change.  It was an easy-peasy pattern that should have been completed in a day (if it wasn’t for the whole buttonhole thing).  I ended up buying large snaps and sewing the buttons on the front and she’ll have to snap it shut.


One Response to “Coat Finished”

  1. Sonia September 29, 2010 at 11:42 AM #

    Looks great! You did a nice job, as usual ;o)

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