28 Sep

No progress was done on Gianna’s coat last night.  I got off work late and had to immediately go to the kids’ school for a meeting.  That lasted until well after supper; came home and ate; read with Gianna; practiced her play lines; did two loads of laundry; and it was time to go to bed already!  MONDAYS!  Arghhhh!

The meeting at the school was about the 6th grade 1:1 initiative. Our school district is a poor one.  But this year we found funding to give every 6th grader a MacBook laptop.  There are about 80 kids in the 6th grade.  The school district has been planning this for a while.  The meeting was for the parents – to let us in on what’s going on.

I think it’s a good initiative.  I’m not a Mac fan. But the teachers and administration has put a lot of effort into making this succeed.  The kids are giving up ALL TEXTBOOKS and PAPER.  That’s awesome!  All their books are online; all assignments will be typed and submitted online.  WONDERFUL in my humble opinion.  They will learn “correct ways” to use the technology.  The principal even went as far as to say that every email or instant message sent to the teachers will be “graded” for proper grammar and before the question is answered, the student will have to correct their grammar and resend the question.  No text-speak.  Another great idea.

Are we going totally textbook-less?  No… DJ will still have a math textbook because he takes math at the 7th grade level.  He’ll still have a thick AR (Accelerated Reader) book to read and lug back and forth.  (He’s currently reading “Robinson Caruso”.  He checked it out because he’s read almost every book in their small school library… according to him… I find that hard to believe.)

But it’s a good start.  How are we going to sustain it?  These 6th graders will turn in their Macbooks at the end of the school year, then get them re-imaged and updated and returned for their 7th and 8th grade years.  For this, we pay a $100 technology fee each year.  At the end of their 8th grade year, we keep the laptop.

What about next year’s 6th graders?  How are we (the school district) going to pay for their laptops?  I don’t know that plan.

I’m glad my son is in this pilot year.  I think it’s a good thing for a rural district.  I think the school has put a lot of thought into it and I’m hoping it helps our students.


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