Sock Progress

24 Sep

The one sock on the right just needs the toe added and then closed; the sock on the left needs more of the foot done to catch up.  The socks should be finished this weekend.

I haven’t been posting much because I’m so dang crabby lately.  I figured that it wouldn’t serve anyone any good to hear my bitterness spewed forth in my blog, so I’ve been keeping it to myself.  I’m coming out of my frump though…not a big deal…

I don’t know what project will come after these socks are finished.  I have enough sock yarn to last me all winter but I kind of want to start a sweater project.  It’s so hard to find “basic” patterns – I just want a simple, basic cardigan for either my daughter or me.  I may have go with my standard “in the round” pattern and make it into a cardigan by steeking.  That can’t be that difficult can it?

I’ve also been thinking about making a new fall jacket.  I made a black jacket out of fleece a couple of years ago and I really like it.  I could use a brown one.  The pattern was quick and easy and it really looks nice.  My 9yo wants a jacket too – maybe that should be the next project….


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