A Good Knitting Tips Site

20 Sep

I found this site filled with knitting tips.  Most have accompanying videos.  I love it!

I usually only knit in the round because:

a) no seaming

b) no seaming

c) I understand it.

d) no seaming.

I don’t know how to seam!  Now, I know I’m a seamstress at heart.  But seaming knits is totally different from seaming on a sewing machine.  This whole “mattress stitch” has me baffled.  The few sweaters I have seamed look terrible.

The video on seaming is great on this website.  I can’t believe they have knitting in the round on the ADVANCED tab, but seaming is something that’s supposed to be beginner level!

So what does all this mean?  I’m going to tackle a sweater that isn’t knit in the round…. for Gianna of course.  She usually wears everything I make and she’s small so it will only take a week or so to whip up.  I’ll order the yarn this week and hopefully be done with the current sock project and ready to start this new sweater project this weekend!

Also… there’s an “alpaca festival” going on this weekend all across the country.  Lo and behold, there’s an alpaca farm just one town away from me that’s participating in it.  I’m going to the open house!  Maybe there will be yarn at a good price!


One Response to “A Good Knitting Tips Site”

  1. Sonia September 22, 2010 at 1:21 PM #

    Don’t buy an alpaca there!

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