A Busy Day

19 Sep

We had a very busy day today!

My son turned 12 years old today!  Wow – time is flying by!

I made Kumla – his choice – for supper.  It turned out fantastic.  Kumla is a Norwegian dish and is on my son’s top 5 favorite meals list.   I wish I would have taken pictures but we gobbled it up so fast, there wasn’t time.  Kumla consists of potato dumplings and ham.  It’s delicious!

I  made him a white cake with white frosting. I bought SUPER chocolate ice cream for dessert.  His choice on those too.  I didn’t have any cake but the kids said it was good.  The ice cream was DELICIOUS!

My MIL came by for DJ’s birthday.  She brought a box of apples from her tree.  They aren’t in the best of shape but Gianna and I managed to make 2 batches of applesauce from them so far.  One batch is cinnamon; the other is plain.  I froze them in individual half-pint containers.  Gianna will eat most of the applesauce in her sack lunches.  She LOVES homemade applesauce.

Cinnamon and Plain Applesauce

I started a new pair of khaki socks.

This leg just needs another 12 rows (one round or two of those shell-like rows).  The other leg needs three rounds (I think).  The pattern isn’t too complicated but needs my concentration.  It’s going slowly.  But I like it.  I really love the Knit Picks Stroll yarn.  It’s really soft.

I did buy the Sockupied eMagazine subscription.  I called it Socktopia in yesterday’s post but it’s actually Sockupied.  I’m not sure what I think of it yet.  I’d give it a C+ grade – maybe a B-.  It has potential but the first issue didn’t have enough patterns – only three in the whole issue.  It had a lot of ads.  I liked the tech corner where Eunny Jang showed 4 different techniques to cast on.  I used one of the methods in these socks.  It’s stretchy without being too complicated.  The three patterns WERE complicated though.  I like “HOW TO” videos but the other video interviews were a waste in my opinion.  So if they listen to their customer feedback on their forum and survey, and put more patterns and less “filler” in future eMagazines, it will be a good eMagazine.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it.

No quilting again this week.  I’m so burned out on quilting.  I’m so obsessive in my hobbies that if I’d only do them in moderation, I wouldn’t burn out so quickly.  But that’s not me.  As you can tell by my knitting obsession, I’ll burn out on this and then won’t touch knitting for months.


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