Continuing to Kick Out The To Do List

12 Sep

1.  Laundry – done.

2. Practice piano – done.

3.  Clean my bedroom – Haven’t tackled the closet yet.  Maybe after the Bears game today.

4.  Groceries – done.

5.  Grading – I have one assignment finished.  I am working on the second assignment as I watch the Bears.

6.  Prepare for two of my classes – I haven’t started this yet.

7.  Finish the socks – DONE!  They are being washed as I type!  This is the fastest I have ever knitted a pair of socks!  ONE WEEK start to finish!

8.  Prep Florabunda Block #4 – Don’t see it happening this weekend.

9.  Quilt the quilt on the longarm – ???  Maybe later this afternoon or tonight???

10.  Pick apples at my MILs – I called and canceled.  We’re on for next weekend though.


One Response to “Continuing to Kick Out The To Do List”

  1. Sonia September 13, 2010 at 5:13 PM #

    You don’t have much to go on the quilt. You should be able to get that done in a jiffy.

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