Weekend To Do List

11 Sep

A busy weekend is ahead of me.  I made a list – including the fun things along with the work.

1.  Laundry – A never-ending item on my to-do list.

2. Practice piano – We missed lessons this week because our piano teacher was sick.  I’ve got my songs pretty much down pat.  I *LOVE* the blues number.  I keep playing that one and humming it in my head.  I got out an old book that I have and started on the Aladdin theme song next.  I need to review all the previous songs too – I find that I’m losing them after a while.  Why is that?  Aren’t they stored in long term memory?  Maybe more practice will help.

3.  Clean my bedroom – It’s beyond the time to do this.  I will go through my clothes and move the furniture to get all the dust bunnies vacuumed up.

4.  Groceries – Family trip today – involves lunch.

5.  Grading – I had a lot of assignments due towards the end of the week.  All need to be graded by Monday so I don’t fall behind.

6.  Prepare for two of my classes – I’m teaching an independent study on Security. It’s been a while since I taught this and I have to get it together.  I also have to make up some lab exercises for another class.

7.  Finish the socks – Finally – another fun project.  The socks I’m knitting are a little big.  I used some new #3 needles.  My old #3 needles required I cast on 48 stitches.  But these are slightly smaller.  I made a gauge swatch and according to it, they should be perfect.  But they are a bit big.  Bummer….  However when doing laundry this morning, I saw the same yarn in Gianna’s socks.  Even though it’s superwash wool, the stitches do look like they felted up slightly.  Or maybe I used smaller needles for hers??  Here are the pics:

My sock

Gianna's Sock

So, you’re wondering… was there a sale on that brown sock yarn that I bought so much?  Must have been because I bought it in three different colors.  I may end up giving my socks away to someone with fatter feet.  I will have to use tact – “Do you have fat feet that will fit into these socks?” probably wouldn’t be a good approach.

8.  Prep Florabunda Block #4 – Glue the pieces down and stitch what I have done.

9.  Quilt the quilt on the longarm – You know… the quilt that’s been there for months… get it done already!

10.  Pick apples at my MILs – That’s probably not going to happen.  That’s a whole day trip and from the looks of the to-do list, I don’t have a whole day.


One Response to “Weekend To Do List”

  1. bsburgess September 11, 2010 at 10:17 AM #

    No fat feet here, just butt!

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