To Do List Progress

11 Sep

#4. Groceries are done.

#1. Laundry is about 1/3 of the way done.

#3. Clean my bedroom – I cleaned out one of my dressers.  I threw a lot away and made a separate pile for Goodwill.  I took a picture of all the hand knitted socks that I have in my sock drawer.

My socks - knitted by me over the years

Left to right:  The first pair is plain stockinette stitch with acrylic yarn.  They aren’t great and because they are made from acrylic yarn, they make my feet sweat a bit.  Second pair (light blue) – I like these.  I made baby cables for the leg and foot top.  I wear these a lot.  Third pair – These are the most recent of the bunch.  The pattern is a straight K2P2.  The yarn was from Hobby Lobby and is a washable wool.  I like these.  The fourth pair – striped khaki – I forgot about these.  I’m glad I found them.  They, too, have a cable stitch as the pattern.  The final pair of socks – the plain khaki ones – are super thick and tight.  They are just stitched in stockinette but with two strands of yarn.  These are worn by both my daughter and me when it’s super cold outside.  I used to have a black/grey pair like them but I wore them out.  Even after darning twice, I had to finally part with them.

Break time is over.  Time to hit the second set of drawers in the cabinet next to my bed.  Then the closet… then the project will be done for the day.


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