Long Time No Post

9 Sep

I’ve been slacking in my postings this week.  The days are flying by and I haven’t taken any pictures of what I’ve been working on so I haven’t posted.  What’s the use of telling about my projects without showing their progress?  Plus I was crabby and in a frump and didn’t think negative posts would do anyone any good.

I’m coming out of my frump now.  I started knitting some socks this weekend.  It usually takes me a week to knit the first sock and three weeks to knit the second sock.  Why?  Because the newness has worn off and I’m bored with the project.  Kind of a “been there done that”.  I can’t figure out knitting on two circulars at once.  I get ladders.  So to solve this, I bought two circulars and knit the socks together but separately.  Oh… that’s clear as mud.  So I knit the leg on one sock for a few inches then catch the other one up.  I’ve just finished both heel flaps and am ready to turn the heel and start on the gusset tonight.  Good progress for me.

It’s a simple garter rib stitch on the leg.  So… if I’m knitting on a single circular then why that double point needle at the top?  Because I can’t figure out how to make the heel flap and turn the heel with the circular.  🙂  I need to buy a book or take a class.  Or something…  This is working so far though because I have so many double points since that’s the way I used to knit socks.

Sock knitting is a good diversion.

I also finished prepping the flowers for the Florabunda block.

I messed up the bias stems and need to make new ones.  Then I can start adding it all together.  I like this block.  The problem is that I can only have so many hand work projects going at once.  And right now I’m working on the socks while my butt is parked on the couch.  So I can’t applique too!

Finally… you know how I have a million quilting UFOs?  I rarely have knitting UFOs.  I find that I can’t work on multiple knitting projects at one time.  I have a hat for my sister that I need to find.  It’s a UFO because I didn’t like my tension on the colorwork.  So it’s not really a UFO because when I find it I will rip it out and start new.  But I think that’s it…

Finally, Finally… I need khaki socks.  But I don’t have khaki yarn.  Do I buy more yarn?  I have 4 different sock yarns downstairs already – black tweed, green tweed, white, and navy blue.  The dark colors are hard to work with.  They are hard to see on the wood needles.  So do I buy a few pairs of khaki socks at Walmart and continue with my knitting yarn supplies?  Or do I buy khaki yarn online?  Because you know you can’t just buy two skeins of yarn… you have to buy others skeins… and sock blockers – those would be nice… and who knows what else?  It will soon add up.  j:-)


2 Responses to “Long Time No Post”

  1. Sonia September 9, 2010 at 6:54 AM #

    Khaki sock from Walmart. Done! Once the socks are done then the sewing.

    • ginaquilts September 9, 2010 at 7:31 AM #

      Oh…. the pot calling the kettle black! :-) Quit that golfing and get back on quilting! LOL

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