I’m Beat

1 Sep

Wednesday’s are exhausting!  I didn’t even have time for lunch.  I was on my feet solid.  And today was the day that the “not my fault” students were whining.  There are only a few but, man… it gets on my nerves!  These are the excuses:  “I didn’t take the quiz online because I didn’t check my email until after it was due!”  Really?  So whose fault was it?  Mine?  Since I announced in class that a quiz was posted; emailed a reminder to take the quiz online before coming to class; gave you two days to take the quiz; and made it an announcement on Blackboard (the online supplemental site that the class is based on).  So, really… whose fault is it?  But the students are serious.  They want to know what “I” am going to do to make this right….  Again, only a few of them but enough to ruin my day!

I sat and appliqued the rest of my flowers for Block #4.

Florabunda Block #4 flowers on top of the freezer paper pattern

Now I need to figure out what colors to make the centers and grab some green for the stems and leaves.  That’ll wait for another day.

I needed a different wallhanging for my office so I grabbed this oldie but goodie from the cupboard.

Red and yellow are my favorite colors.  How can you not be happy looking at such fun colors? I did this wallhanging in 2004 according to this label that my sister made up.

I think I just made up an approximate date for the label.  I never used to label my quilts so I was on a mission a while back to get them all labeled.  I looked in “My Pictures” for the first occurrence of pictures of each quilt and used that date.  I know this was pre-longarm.  It was machine appliqued and machine quilted on my DSM.  I used some pretty cheapy fabric on it but I remember it was an experiment in machine applique from a Pat Holly / Sue Nickels book.

Time for more mindless sitcom viewing!


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