29 Aug

Maybe I’m having a low biorhythm week, but I feel frustrated at everything I’m trying to do.  I am getting WORSE at quilting, applique, piecing, and even getting worse at the songs I’m trying to learn on the piano.  I think it might be time to take a break.  It’s not quite knitting season for me – that bug usually hits around October or November.  But I can’t stand this frustration!

Florabunda Block #3

I finished the third Florbunda block.  Those 16 tiny green leaves?  They are just the shoddiest workmanship I’ve ever done!  They were itty-bitty.  I had a hard time with the points and a lot of the points are wonky.  I had a hard time placing them in the right spot.  They kept moving.  I kept rearranging; making new points; plugging away.  But finally I said, “It is what it is… and it’s done!”


And this Dear Jane block?  It’s two large circles and two large melons!  You can’t get much easier than that!  But when I glued them in place, the points of the melons were exactly on the diagonal.  But when I stitched them, I must have pushed one over to the side because they don’t line up now.

See what I mean by frustrated?

I’m going to put the Dear Jane quilt back to rest for a while.  It needs to marinate more.  I’ll put a note on my calendar to take it back out in October.  I’m just shy of 100 blocks – I think this one makes 97.  But I don’t even want to count – I just want to put it away.

I never even got around to the quilting that’s on my LA frame this weekend.  Maybe tonight I will do that instead of watching a movie with the family.

So now I need something to do when sitting.  Knit a hat?  Maybe…  I still owe my sister an ear flap hat from last year.  Gianna wants a blue hat, scarf and mittens.  She doesn’t have a winter coat yet so I’m not sure that will match whatever we get.  I have a long black coat so maybe I should make sure the blue is a royal blue so I can inherit it if she doesn’t like it or it doesn’t go with her coat.  A hat, scarf, and mittens are a big commitment.    Maybe I’ll pick out some yarn for just a hat to donate somewhere.

I need to get rid of this negative aura that’s surrounding me today!


2 Responses to “Frustrated”

  1. Sonia August 30, 2010 at 12:16 PM #

    I just love block 3! Oh yeah, I forgot about the hat with flaps. I think I’ll wear it golfing when the weather gets cool. “What a goof ball,” is what the other golfers will say but who cares 🙂

  2. Gari August 30, 2010 at 2:13 PM #

    Maybe it is the time of the year. I had the weekend to myself and didn’t even enter the studio. And today where am I? Sitting here at the computer. I think I am going to give myself the week off and then get back to it next week. Yep, that’s what I’m going to do.

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