26 Aug

I’m getting tired of my current projects…  I pieced another Dear Jane block.

I need different red and light fabrics.  I’m bored with the ones I have.  I have printed out two applique blocks to do next.  They look easier than the pieced ones.  This project may be put away for a while.

I’m still making half-square triangles for the Ocean Waves quilt top.  I need to cut more 3×4 rectangles and kick some more out.  I also need to cut more 5.5 x 6 rectangles of the background fabric so I can put together more blocks on that one.

I’ve had the same quilt on the longarm for over a month.  I only need one border to quilt.  I’m REALLY tired of that quilt.  But I have probably 3 hours for just that one border left!  That will be my first project to complete this weekend.  I need to save that for the weekend so I have some continuous time to work on that.

Work is really cutting into my free time!  Sheesh… I am going to have a rough fall semester if these past two weeks are any indication.

I’m still taking piano lessons with my daughter Gianna.  She whips through her songs but I’ve been working on the last two for three weeks!  🙂  I passed today though.  Why do I choke when playing them for the teacher but can play them flawlessly by myself?  I have a classic piece and the Star Wars theme to practice this week.  Both are challenging for me but I like the way they sound.

DJ made the Speech Team at school.  I have no idea what that entails.  I know it’s not a debate team.  I think they do monologues and put on short skits for competition.  He’s excited; I’m excited for him.  Another boy already called after school and asked him to be his partner.  That’s a good sign.


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