Another First Day Of School

23 Aug

Today was the first day of school for the two younger kids.  Yea!  I have weird kids – they were so excited to be back at school!  It was like they were going on vacation – they were that happy!

As is typical, Gianna had her whole outfit laid out days in advance.  In fact, she has the next 8 days laid out.  When I asked DJ what he was wearing the first day, he said, “What?” and looked at me like I was an alien!

Gianna talked my ear off about her first day – telling every minute detail.  She has a male teacher for the first time (4th grade).  He had some cool ideas for the first day stuff.  He made a good impression on her and I’d say he made a good first impression on me too.

DJ is just not the talkative type when it comes to talking about his day.  He’s got the “that was then, this is now” kind of attitude.  He seems to really like his classes so far.  DJ is in 6th grade but is very gifted in math and science.  He was tested in 2nd grade and the school system agreed to move him up a grade in math. (They were doing additon facts; he was doing exponents.  It was a no-brainer.) So every year since then, he’s left his classroom during math and attended a higher level math class.  He’s always received As and most years his teacher has told us that he’s had the highest A in the class.  This year, he is in Honors or Advanced 7th grade math.  I REALLY like his math teacher.  He taught both the older kids and has a great way of explaining things.  Adv Math is actually a combination of 7th and 8th grade math.  If he does well in Adv Math this year, he’ll actually go the the high school next year (in 7th grade) to take algebra.

So now my goal is to get a routine going.  I am so exhausted on Monday and Wednesdays in particular.  They are very long, packed days!  Tomorrow I will play catch-up with my paperwork and it’s an easy day!  Tomorrow night we are canning more peaches!  🙂


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