No Time For Sewing

21 Aug

Holy Cow!  Between family, work, and this dental problem, there has been little time for anything else!  I was able to sneak one Dear Jane block into the last three days… and a simple one at that!


My tooth feels better but I can’t chew on that side.  I’m no longer taking the pain killers but kept on with the antibiotics. Today is the first day I can eat and I don’t feel like curling up on the couch and vegging for night.

Gianna tried out for a 10 and under ASA softball team today.  It was her choice.  A friend of hers was also trying out.  She held her own and I thought had a good tryout.  I don’t think she’ll make the team though.  She was the most inexperienced and youngest girl there.  All others had played at least one year in “regular” city softball (Gianna was in instructional ball this summer) or they had played one year on an ASA team.  But she did well and should be proud of her tryout.

Time for pizza and a movie!


One Response to “No Time For Sewing”

  1. Sonia August 23, 2010 at 9:51 AM #

    That is the weirdest Dear Jane block!

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