20 Aug

A filling fell out of my tooth last weekend and I went to the dentist yesterday to have it replaced.  That routine visit turned into a two hour root canal complete with pain killers and antibiotics.  Ouch!  I haven’t been able to eat anything solid since!  You’d think I would be able to use this excuse to lose some weight except:

1)  Soft things include twinkies and pudding…

2)  I even woke myself up last night when I accidentally hit the tooth with my other teeth while sleeping…

3) and it’s making me kinda crabby.  More than kinda.  Although I get crabby on other diets too.

Oh man… what a 24 hours it’s been!  I did go to work today (sans pain killers) and completed both of my classes.  I called the dentist (who is on vacation starting today BTW) and he will meet me at his office in a short while to see what can be done to fix the pain.


One Response to “Ouch!”

  1. Gari August 20, 2010 at 6:55 PM #

    How awful. I hope your dentist was able to ease your pain (and your crabbiness). Take your pills, get some rest and enjoy this weekend.

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