School Report

19 Aug

Mondays and Wednesdays are going to kill me!  It’s 7 hours of constant moving!  There’s no time to even take a breath!  Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday will have to be when I get things done.  My feet ached last night; Dan picked up Subway for supper; and I vegged again for most of the night!

My mom, my sister, and my 21yo daughter are tag teaming watching my younger kids.  The kids are loving it!  🙂  After being with me all summer, it’s nice to have a break.  They will fall into a routine next week when they start school.  We all will -I hope!

I did piece 1/2 a Jane block last night and got up this morning and pieced the other half.  I don’t have to be in at 8am this morning for class so I basked in the luxury of piecing for 15 minutes.


Today I just have one class but lots of paperwork and setting up to do still.  I have a dentist appointment and haircut.  Off we go!


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