First Day of School

18 Aug

Well, I made it through an entire day of meetings yesterday.  8:00am – 4:00pm with only a short break for lunch!  My goal was not to get pissed off and I reached that goal.  I get so fed up with the bureaucracy and time wasters.  But I doodled and listened to the important stuff and tried to ignore the rest!  I was so exhausted from the stress that I curled up on the couch after making supper and watched brainless sitcoms!  No sewing for me last night!

Today is the first day with students.  My classes are packed.  I have two sections of Java Programming.  That is usually my favorite class!  It’s filled with math, engineering, and computer science majors who usually have good study habits and actually laugh at my jokes!  Can’t beat that combination, eh?

I have two sections of Business Computer Systems – which is something I could teach in my sleep.  It’s just basic computer concepts and Office.  I get a real mix of students in this class.  Lack of attendance is an issue with these students.  They sit in front of a computer and would like to surf  instead of paying attention 90% of the time.  I try a lot of group work and interactive stuff, but it’s generally a frustrating class at times.  But there are great students still and I need to focus on them instead of the PITAs.

Finally I have Advanced Novell Operating System class and an online A+ Certification class.  Both of these usually go well.  The Novell class has a lot of hands on activities and a lot of one-on-one teaching.  The A+ certification class needs all new podcasts recorded.  I did some over the summer that need to be uploaded but I need to get more recorded as the semester goes on.

Off to work!  Another 8-4 day today!


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