Half Way Point

13 Aug

I just completed block #84 of 169.  That’s just under the half way point!


This is yet another block that I can’t imagine at 4.5″.  At 6″, the half square triangles were mini.  What would they be like at 4.5″?

Sometimes I think I’m not really piecing a Dear Jane quilt because I have increased the block size by 1.5″ AND I’m not going to do the triangular border.  But then I think, who cares?  The blocks are challenging enough for me at 6″.  I’d rather this quilt were something doable and something I’m able to eventually finish than “follow the rules”.

And I have decided to do all 169 blocks.  I originally thought I’d quit when I was at a point where I couldn’t figure out the rest of the blocks.  I may have to modify a few but again, who cares?  It’s not a show quilt.  It’s just my modified red Jane.

So that being said, I will press on….

Grades were submitted for my summer class (finally).  That’s said and done.  On to fall, which starts on Tuesday with our in-service meetings and Wednesday with classes.  I’m ready for my first day… I have all the part-time evening teachers staffed…  So why do I still feel like a monkey is on my back?


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