Summer School Is Over

12 Aug

Summer school ended this morning (for the students)… so now I’ve got one day to finish the grading for the past week, double check everything, and get grades turned in to the records office.  I decided to just post a written final instead of both a written and hands on because of the time crunch. I only have two assignments left to grade (times 26 students).  That’s this morning’s project.

Last night, though, my 9yo decided that our kitchen desk and drawers were out of control and took it upon herself to clean that area.  She’s like that.  However, she couldn’t do it alone because she didn’t know what to do with all the stuff, so I got roped into her project.  I don’t have a before picture but here’s the after picture.

Sad that it was so messy that it took a couple hours, but glad that it’s done.

I also completed another Jane block.  A non-paper-pieced and non-appliqued block.


Doesn’t it look wonky with those extra seam allowances around the outside?  When the squares are so small, the added seam allowance really shows.

I was thinking that when I finish the Dear Jane quilt I would start on the Dear Hannah quilt. I like the applique on that one.  The Dear Hannah software is on sale right now at AQS for $20.  But I don’t think I need another project.  Plus I can’t forget that I just paid for the small kids’ school registration ($125 for one; $200 for the other); a dental appointment ($100); my 20yo’s tuition ($600); a piano ($300) – all in the last week.  We don’t have to purchase school supplies because I purchased a package from our PTO at the end of last year.  They ship them to the school with the kids’ names on them.  Very convenient!  I did have to buy new tennis shoes and book bags though – that was another $170 this week that I forgot to list above.  Bummer…

So obviously I should cool it with the spending for a while.  Especially for quilting stuff that I may never use and can’t start until I get some of my current projects finished!  🙂

One Response to “Summer School Is Over”

  1. bsburgess August 12, 2010 at 5:55 PM #

    Is Gianna my daughter? I love the clean desk, it looks fabulous!

    Wow,grade school is expensive!

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