A Snafu

12 Aug

Dang… just when things were going fine….

I was plugging away at my grading and had just finished grading the last project.  The final exam was online and graded automatically by the computer.  I don’t believe in high pressure finals.  You either know it by the hands on work that you’ve done all semester, or you don’t.

Well, I called the school for an unrelated matter and found out that over half of my students hadn’t taken the final!  Why?  The class had “expired” and wouldn’t let them in!  Ugh….  I didn’t check my email like I always do first thing in the morning because I wanted to concentrate on grading and didn’t want to get sidetracked by the beginning of semester stuff that’s populating my email right now.  So I’m caught between a rock and a hard place.  Never mind that the students had a WEEK to do the final… half didn’t do it.  Grades are due to the office by tomorrow morning – no exceptions!  So I emailed all students that the final is reopened until tonight at 9pm.  I’ll stay up and download the grades and make sure everything’s in order then submit them before the 9am deadline tomorrow.

Crap… this working is really cutting into my quilting!


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