No Quilting On Tuesday

9 Aug

My 11-year-old is addicted to video games.  He would play them 24/7 if we let him.  We think he needs to diversify and get other interests – especially things involving outdoor activities and exercise and … well… other people!  🙂  So it’s a constant battle of pulling him away from the thing he loves.  We set time limits and day limits, etc.  If he can’t play video games for a day, then he also can’t go on the computer and read reviews about video games and watch youtube videos about upcoming releases.  So a break from video games is a break from video games!

Yesterday was a “no-video-game-day”. It was torture for him.

Today on the way to the dentist, he said, “Mom, how come you never have a no-quilting-day?”  I said, “I do too!”  But then I thought about it… A day without sewing… no hand sewing… no machine sewing… no reading quilting blogs and quilting magazines.  NO QUILTING OR SEWING AT ALL!

I can do it!  So tomorrow is “No Quilting On Tuesday” for me!  I figure it won’t bother me as much as the no-video-game-day bothers DJ because I have so many hobbies I can fall back on.  PLUS we are getting the piano delivered tomorrow and I have to clean up the area it’s going in PLUS the garage they have to go through.

The hardest thing will be not to THINK about quilting nonstop.  I can’t browse the blogs and work with the Dear Jane or EQ software.

I will need to stay very busy!


One Response to “No Quilting On Tuesday”

  1. Diana W. August 9, 2010 at 8:13 PM #

    You are a good mom! I know many people that would have brushed him off. Fair is fair and what better way to teach than by DO YOURSEL what you are asking them to do. Good job momma!

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