Quilt Retreat

6 Aug

My sister came down to my house on Wednesday for a two day quilt retreat!  We chose my house so that I didn’t have to get sitters for the kids, kennel the dog, and rearrange my life so that it would have been more of a hassle than what it was worth!  🙂  I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat!

My goals were to get a t-shirt quilt pieced; my scrappy nine-patch quilted; and the borders put on my string X quilt.  NONE OF THAT GOT DONE!  Typical…

I did do some quilting.  I got three of the four borders of the scrappy nine-patch quilted.

One Border

Since this scrappy nine-patch is just one experiment after another, I am also experimenting with the borders.  Only one to go; then binding; then a completed quilt!

I am up to seven – SEVEN – blocks on my Ocean Waves quilt.  (Twenty-eight 10 ” squares).

That’s a lot of half-square triangles I tell you! I’m using a lot of my “uglies” and busy fabrics.  I think anything looks good in small amounts and so since these half-square triangles finish at 2.5″, each piece of fabric is pretty small.

No applique done…

We also froze three dozen ears of corn.  That went really quickly since there were two of us to do it.  She has a vacuum sealer and we had an assembly line going.  We are set for corn for the winter.

Today my family is taking a trip to Fermi Lab to see the atom smasher.  My son and DH are in heaven!  We’ve been watching PBS documentaries for a week to bone up on the Higgs boson and other interesting physics theories.

Stop by Sonia’s blog to see her retreat pictures.


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